Model: DrizAir LGR2400
Low Grain Refrigerant
Power: 11 amps/115volts
Water Removal: 211.6 pints per day

Are you concerned about:

  • Damp and Flooded Basement?
  • Your finishes taking to long to dry?
  • Mold Growth?
  • Moisture slowing down productivity?

Let us analyze your situation. If dehumidification is needed you can cost effectively dry your project quickly using our indirect heating equipment and dehumidification systems. Albany Flood Control uses the latest in low grain refrigerant dehumidifiers from Dri Eaz. Depending on the season, indirect heat can be faster and less expensive than using dehumidification equipment. Let us come and analyze your situation to help you get back on track.

Model: LGR2800i
Power: 8 amp/115volts
Water Removal: 130 pints per day

Model: DrizAir LGR2000
Low Grain Refrigerant
Power: 8 amp/115 volts
Water Removal: 172 pints per day

Short Term, Long Term and Seasonal Rentals.

Model: Evolution LGR
Low Grain Refrigerant
Power: 5 amps/115 volts
Water Removal: 119.8 pints per day