Directed Heat where you need it.

Easy to Transport.

Runs on Kerosene or Diesel.

The VAL 6 offers new efficiency and economy in a portable heater while doing more of what you need to do -- provide heat. Its 95% closed chamber design increases fuel combustion efficiency and unlike forced hot air heaters, which allow hot air to rise, or a light breeze to redirect their heat, the VAL 6 uses an exclusive radiant heat process to put more heat where it's needed like the rays of sun, the VAL 6's radiant heat travels in a straight-line unaffected by wind or precipitation. Its infrared heat always travels directly to the intended area, creating a more comfortable work environment which allows more work to be done in cold environments.

And since it doesn't lose heat in the air, less fuel is needed to achieve that comfort, helping save money in the short and long runs. The VAL 6 is useful as a dryer as well as a heater. Its rugged construction allows it to withstand travel over rough surfaces and providing dependable service anywhere. And its design and quality assure that it will continue to provide a constant source of heat both indoors and outdoors, in factories or warehouses, on construction sites or farms, or anywhere it is needed.